"I can't thank you enough for how understanding you were to my needs. Not only on a professional level, but you cared about my family and my personal interests as well. - J.S. - Cambridge, Ontario

"By the time I found Homestead Paralegal, my tenant was already 4 month's behind in rent payments.  I had made a mistake on my notice to my tenants and had my application dismissed on the hearing date so Terri had to start the process all over. Before the hearing date came around for the second time, she had negotiated with my tenants and made a payment plan.  My tenants still honour it to this day and I also decided to let them stay!" - P. R. - Brantford

"I have a student housing building and I had a student bring in her sister to live with her. I wanted to evict her because I was worried about it being a safety issue with overcrowding. Instead of evicting her, Terri went out of her way and found a shelter for her sister to stay at instead. Problem solved without force." - C.L. - Waterloo

"I was having difficulty getting my tenant to leave. He wasn't paying rent and I was getting penalties on my mortgage payments. I spent an hour with Terri and she guided me through the process of eviction so that I was able to go through the Board process on my own. An hour with her saved me hundreds of dollars." - P.K. - Cambridge

" I was sure I could handle evicting my tenant on my own, but I got cold feet the day before my hearing. So I called Terri at Homestead Paralegal and she was more than happy to go to the hearing with me. Turned out I filled out some papers wrong, but she was able to negotiate with my tenant and came up with an agreement that satisfied us both and we were there for less than an hour." J.K. - Cambridge

"You're not the average legal person!. I admire how you think outside of the box and how insightful you are.  You truly care about what you do and it shows!"  C.J. Cambridge

"I'm glad I called!!!  20 minutes on the phone saved me another sleepless night worrying about what to do with my situation. I wish I would have known about you sooner!" B.W. - Waterloo

"You have a real passion for what you do! I'm glad you were in my corner and there when I needed the support.  I would recommend you in an instant!" R.M. Cambridge

Please note that Homestead Paralegal will not be representing you in any matter until you have viewed and signed a retainer agreement for services.  Information provided on this site is not intended as legal advice.


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