We are an active member of the Rent Check Credit Bureau.

Rent Check Credit Bureau is "The Housing Industry's Credit Bureau" specializing in tenant screening services with a comprehensive list of products regarding previous, current and potential tenants in both the residential and commercial markets. At Homestead Paralegal, we can provide you with a Tenant's Credit and Tenancy history in a timely and accurate manner.  Due to privacy legislation, we are not able to give you details about the credit history, only advise you as to "rent" or "do not rent" according to the report.

Rent Check has been protecting rental property owners and managers since 1976 as the first tenant screening service of its kind in North America. They maintain a unique database of tenants, compiled from public records and reports submitted by their members.

This report will give you a snapshot as to whether or not your applicant has any previous delinquencies in their tenancy or whether they still owe their previous landlord for rent or if they caused damage to their unit.


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