Our fees are structured according to the complexity of each case and billed hourly at 6 minute increments. 

Some of our services include;

Representation in front of the Landlord and Tenant Board

Negotiating with Difficult Tenants

Tenant Reporting and Credit Checks

Annual, Semi-Annual and Quarterly Inspections of your property

Process Serving of documents


Phone calls or letters on your behalf

Sheriff assisted Writ of Possession

and preparation of various Court and Tribunal Forms

We can also teach you about:

Tenant Screening

Reference Check Solutions

Developing Valuable Relationships

How to Deal with Difficult Tenants

What you can do to Resolve Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Board Proceedings

Proper Delivery of Notices

Small Claims Court Options 

What we canNOT do:

Appear in the Superior Court for matters relating to Appeals or for any other Superior Court Matter, except Summary Convictions.

We cannot practice any part of Family Law including separation agreements or access arangements.

We cannot draft wills or be involved in matters dealing with estates.

We cannot practice real estate law and we cannot access the Teraview system to view or change land titles.

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N4, N5, N12, N7, N8 and other originating forms

$35.00 each

L1, L2, L3, L4 application forms for Hearing

$65.00 each

Correspondence to Tenants

$35.00 each

Landlord/Tenant Board Hearings

$400.00 L1

$500.00 L2

$600.00 L1,L2

$625.00 Defend Tenant Application

Board Appearance where Matter Adjourned


Prep for Court Hearings


Sheriff Assisted Writ of Possession


Filing of Documentation

$35.00 each



Mileage Fee


Travel Time


Process Serving of Documents

$15 + travel time

Inspection of Property


Inspection with Photos


Please note that Homestead Paralegal will not be representing you in any matter until you have viewed and signed a retainer agreement for services.  Information provided on this site is not intended to be legal advice.

Disbursements are amounts that your Paralegal has to pay out of their pocket on your behalf - eg,  services of a third party which you later reimburse to the Paralegal.

Disbursements will be billed for third party expenses such as filing fees with the Board or through Service Canada. The cost of copies, faxes, and phone expenses are all part of disbursements.


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