Inspection of Property is $175+ Travel Time@$35/hr which includes delivery of notice + relevant photos


We can provide inspections before the tenancy begins, at bi-annually, annually, or contractually stated intervals including performing an inspection for suspected damages and for any other reason allowed under the Residential Tenancies Act including post rental inspections.

Generally, we recommend doing a thorough inspection before you even rent to your tenants. This way you can ensure that your tenants agree with you about the condition of the property before they move in. With our comprehensive checklist, we will take a walk through the entire home with your new tenant room-by-room taking photographs in order to avoid any problem with the tenant once the tenancy has begun. We will also provide the tenant with his or her own copy of the inspection checklist and return the photographs to you for your reference.

Performing bi-annual inspections will ensure that you are informed of any maintenance issues that you must address and will notify you as to any possible damage that your tenants may be causing. For instance; if your tenants are unplugging or disabling smoke detectors.  If you suspect that your tenants are or will cause damage to your property, the inspection will serve as evidence for your eviction proceedings.

The inspection is for the purpose of making sure that you and your tenant have a clear picture of the rental property's condition upon move-in, at regular intervals, with suspected damage and upon the tenant moving out.  



  Please note that we are not certified by the government to provide an inspection to assess extensive property damage or to give an opinion as to adequate health and safety expectations. We do however; provide you with an opinion of adequate property standards and we are also capable of properly documenting and determining whether damage does exist for the purpose of legal proceedings.


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