We can provide you with reports from Equifax or TransUnion with the Help of RentCheck. These Credit Reports contain details of a consumer's credit history, including credit card payments, loan payments, bankruptcies, collections and past evictions. 


Call today to find out about how our RentCheck Report can help YOU! 



Please note:  This service is only available for the purpose of property management through Homestead Paralegal. You must be a client of Homestead Paralegal to obtain this valuable service. This information is governed by privacy legislation and you will not be able to view the information collected. A representative of Homestead Paralegal will give you information in regards to "rent" or "do not rent" with reasons specific to each circumstance. We are able to obtain information in regards to debt collection, but only for the purpose of property management in regards to Landlord and Tenant Board Orders and Small Claims Court Collections.


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