About Terri Margaret van Huisstede...

The name may say it all! 

in Dutch, van Huisstede actually translates to "of or from homestead".

Terri graduated the Paralegal Program with honours from triOS College in Kitchener in November of 2008. During her course she became passionately interested in advocating for Landlord Rights. As a respectable tenant herself for more than a decade, she found it concerning that there can be such a power imbalance between landlords and tenants. Terri states that she, "Always thought that landlords had the control because it's their property. Now I realize that it's truly the tenants in control and I'm interested in leveling out the playing field!".

Terri also states," Tenants have gotten away with not paying their rent for months and months because of the generosity and kindness of their landlords. When the landlords finally recover their property, they find that their investment is destroyed by their tenants' reckless and negligent damage!"  Can you imagine going without an income for over 6 months and then taking back your job with less than half the pay!?!  That's what it's like for a landlord when they get a tenant that uses every stall tactic out there in an attempt to live for free. I can now imagine why there are so many landlords out there that sell or have sold their property to relieve the headache of constantly responding to tenant complaints.

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